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This July during official talks between the EU special envoy...



This July during official talks between the EU special envoy for the South Caucasus, Peter Semneby, and Abkhazian de facto president, Sergei Bagapsh, it was openly declared that the EU is ready to develop active economic and cultural relations with this rebel province even without official recognizing its political status. As well as ex-UN envoy to Abkhazia, Dieter Boden, Mr. Semneby criticized Georgian new “State Strategy towards the Occupied Authorities”, which was adopted by Saakashvili’s team in January. The very term “occupied territories” is something that Brussels rejects. It is in contrast to the US opinion of Georgian strategy document which “welcomes the spirit of this initiative”.
Probably current EU plans to develop economic tides with Abkhazia and such Semneby’s words as “Abkhazia is also European land” means Brussels’ de facto recognition of Sukhumi.
To all seeming it is Brussels’ reaction to that exclusive control over Georgia, which Saakashvili’s overseas sponsors tries to demonstrate us, Europeans, in Tbilisi. And so I believe that our official recognition of Abkhazian independence from pro-American Georgia is not far off now!
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