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This is not a Republican administration--it is a radical administration


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Sep 25, 2005
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This is what Larry Wilkerson said. He is the former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell. He has recently spoken out against the Bush White House and it apparently has cost him his friendship with Powell. He believes that Powell was used in making the case for war. He also expressed "wonder" as to whether he and Powell were deliberately snowed by the Bushies.

This is a very interesting article about the man. I loved it. I admire this guy because he has taken a tough path in speaking out against the Prez. I wish he would write a book about this, though (he doesn't want to profit from this).

When he couldn't decide whether to speak out or not because he knew it would hurt his relationship with Powell, his wife said this to him:

"You have two choices, my man. You can think more about him or you can think more about your country. I suggest you do the latter."

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