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This is for Liberals and Conservatives to answer.


Aug 9, 2005
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I will ask some questions for perspective. Then you ANSWER the QUESTIONS asked like I have, please posrt your replys.

1) Bush sat still for seven minutes after Andrew Card said to him, "America is under attack a second Airliner has crashed into the WTC", What does that mean to you?

**When Andrew card came in and whispered into the morons ear... it was to tell him of the second plane attack.....bush already knew of the first attack before setting down with the kiddies, after the 7 minute rendition of bush favorite novel "My Pet Goat" ...with America under attack and bush concerned for Americas safety he then took an extra 30 minutes for a photo-op.....(in the nuclear age 37 minutes could have meant the death of us all!!!)

**Why if we are under attack did the fighter squadron at the Air Base where air-force one had landed not give the President an escort on his way out?

2) No WMD's were found. This was a primary reason for going INTO Iraq. What does that mean to you?

**It means that CHENEY made numerous efforts to get the CIA to shape the Intel.... REMEMBER the USA had sold chemical, bio and nuclear components to saddam during REAGAN/BUSH1 Cheney saw WMD as a slam dunk.......UN sanctions worked after all. Surprise!!

3) Do YOU think Saddam should have been removed from power?

*Should all Dictators that the US installed be removed from power?

4) Smoking bans. How do you feel about them?... *sounds good to me

5) Does it matter WHY we're in Iraq now that we've been there for a few years? ...

*yes.....but we can not abandon the country after we have blown it to hell and slaughtered of 10's or 100,000 people.....beside we are building 14 new military bases and a $700 million embassy in which we can monitor the pumping of IRAQI oil, provide security to Israel and police the Free flow of OIL thought the middle east!.....Control the OIL control THE world!

6) Should we still be allowed to have guns?

*constitution say YES... criminals will always have guns

7) What does the latest Eminent Domain ruling mean to you?

*The Corporate influence at work.

8) Would John Kerry REALLY have been any better?

*Better for the Citizens YES, **better for corporate America probably not.

9) Bush went AWOL rather than go to war. Kerry went but lied about what happened. Does any of this past crap really matter?

*YES it matters... it goes to character... bush is a deserter and some claimed KERRY is a liar... big difference in the two.

10) There's a GENOCIDE in Darfur, Sudan. Can't gay marriage wait until that's taken care of?
*Allowing the slaughter of the Sudanese people is inexcusable.....Marriage is between 2 people... the bible thumpers and rednecks should clean their own house before trying to stick their noses in other folks business.

11) The UN didn't do anything in Rwanda, did nothing about North Korea getting WMD's, nothing about Saddam's treatment of his people, and is currently doing NOTHING about the genocide in Darfur. Should we REALLY be part of that group?

*The US is a founding member of the UN... we love them when the support our views....hate them when the oppose our views.

I prefer the UN running the World over the multinational corporations currently ruling the world.

12) Is Seperation of Church and State IN the Constitution?

*YES, freedom to worship any GOD you chose.....but more important it gives us (>--"freedom from religion"--<) (like the attack we are currently under from the Churchers.) religion is for the home or church.....religion is a private matter not to be practiced in the public, the workplace and not to be worn on the sleeve.

13) What does Church/State seperation mean to you?......*freedom from Churchers who want to shove a "CHRISTIAN " god down the publics throat.


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Jul 6, 2005
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Buckle-up for safety. The mighty neo's will soon be knocking at the door.

You sound like you can handle it.
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