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Things that make you go WHAT?


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May 8, 2005
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Why can an obvious libertarian reporter using the world "War!" I think they use it for anything they don't like, such as these news story titles: "War on Drugs", "War on the Middle Class", "War on Health Care", "War on Katrina Victims", "War on Seniors", "War on Privacy", "War on Iraqi People" etc...I mean did the fire their headliner writer. :rofl

Then their is FNC (Fox News Channel). All I here is Jesus this and Jesus that, I feel like im watching the freekin Christian Channel!

Also, the countless so-called "reporter's" both Conservative and Liberal that have been lawyers or have been pushed out of Government Office and on to your TV to promote their own government agenda's. Purhaps the ones that they didn't get to finnish while working for the government?

Anti-Government news. Now sure their is freedom of the press, but do you really want to "F" with the people who print your paycheck! Unless of course, they have an illegal insider!

:rofl :rofl
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