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Things that Feed the Sad


Buttermilk Man
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Dec 29, 2015
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Olympia Wa
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Was walking the dog yesterday, in the little wooded area before I get to the ballpark area 1 black (or what ever the **** we are supposed to call them today and I dont know if her being black matters in this story but I will tell the story the way want to tell the story because that is my right as THE STORYTELLER to do so and then you decide for yourself as THE LISTENER what matters and what does not, MKay? ) girl of about 14 was walking with three boys of the same age, 2 black 1 not black in the opposite direction. THe path is very narrow and my dog is a rescue, the only reason the 3 littermates are alive is because they ate the rest of them that had been placed in a dumpster........I was trying to be careful so I was walking slowly......

Did not hear anything before this:

Girl: But I am going to get Implants!

A bit later girl asks one of the boys: *****, if I get implants will you tell me I am hot?

Mother of GOD, WTF?

Better be a game.

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