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They have never played false with their creatures!


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Jun 15, 2010
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Only look at it! All our newspapers cry out about current arrest of Bakiyev’s son, Maksim, who had been officially announced the international wanted list through Interpol because of great embezzlement (over $35 million from Kyrgyz budget) (http://thesun.uk/sol/homepage). What rot!
In reality his detention in the airport of Farnborough in Hampshire is a usual procedure for all persons, who arrive in the UK with the intention to seek a political asylum! According to the BBC reports the UK Border Service always practices “this procedure for better protecting asylum seekers in the UK”!
Well, it would be nonsense to think that US sponsors will turn tail on Bakiyev’s clan that has come to power thanks to US support during so-called Tulip revolution. They have never played false with their creatures!
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