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There’s complete chaos in Iraq after...



There’s complete chaos in Iraq after that precious ‘withdrawal of troops’ so much boasted by Obama! I guess he saw the continuing military presence in Iraq as smth able to destabilize USA and stay sort of challenge to D.C. But look guys… the thing he did in Iraq may have…. well same effect imo!
I’d call this direct lie by Obama! And I don’t believe into his explanations of the sort I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do. My distant relative John who used to be involved in military mission in Iraq is describing his last days in that country as smth really awful! There’s still no order in Iraq, but instead of military structures all the functions to make it are now entrusted with the civil organizations and mainly to numerous guard companies in Iraq! John said his military boss was selling his GIs to such companies ‘just like slaves’ having sort of bonus for each man. The better the man the higher the bonus was. It’s needless to talk about how he got the ‘candidates’ consent’. Those were threats including physical elimination even! IMHO our top military and president Obama must bear responsibility for such disgusting things in Iraq!
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