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The Western civilization, Islamophobia and Islam

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Nov 15, 2018
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The Newsweek, an American publication, published a report in 2005 that a copy of the Koran was flushed down the toilet by military interrogators in Guantanamo Bay. The consequences were dire, widespread riots resulted in 15 deaths and many embassies attacked in several countries. Robert Spencer in his book, "The Complete Infidel's Guide to the Koran," claim that the Newsweek report was false. The endeavors in his books, publications and Jihad-watch website to link terrorism to Islam and defames the holy book of Muslims is explicit. No doubts, he isn't the first or will be the last one to try to discredit the Islamic faith. Honesty isn't expected from critics of Islam, Christianity or any other religion. Does anybody think Islam is a religion of violence and backwardness? Of course, many people do. However, violence is a general problem exists in all religions even the peaceful Buddhist ramping in Burma(Myanmar) streets killing and burning houses.

Somalia is a peaceful country in Africa with a location vital to the sea routes. Warlords tore that peaceful country in a civil war after the fall of the communism and the Berlin wall. After a few years of fighting, a tribal organization call themselves the Islamic courts union took control over most of Somalia, establishing security and life start to go back to normal. Now American media start demonizing the Islamic courts union to prepare the ground for military intervention. The claim that they are allegiance to Al-Qaeda was false; they were a tribal organization, a loose alliance of tribes adopting the Islamic law. The Islamic courts union was replaced with a brutal and bloody organization called Al-Shabaab that attack government and foreign forces with unprecedented vicious.

What make western thinkers, activist and think tanks worry of Islam is that it is a universal religion, unlike Christianity and Judaism. The media in the Western countries adopt the Islamophobia and the anti-Islamic sentiments for two simple reasons: First, any civilization needs an enemy to survive, Islam and Christianity are no exception. In fact, when a civilization remains unchallenged will stop to innovate and frozen in time. It will die slowly and painfully. For example, the Catholic church was a symbol for the western civilization, how is it shaped by Martin Luther starting the Protestant movement? And even so before that, we read about the Ecumenical Councils and how they contribute to the Christianity development over the centuries. And then when the time is passing by, other people start talking about separating the religion from the state. The secularism movement was born. Second, Western civilization will find no better than Islam as an enemy: it is universal, joined by a large number of people and it’s resistant to the time element, it will keep renewing itself on permanent bases. It was the best choice to fight an Afghan-Soviet on behalf the Western powers. In 1989\1991, it was the time, the Berlin wall was down and the Soviets Union collapsed.

It's an easy way for stardom to create a website or YouTube channel and start attacking Islam. Islamophobia under the patronage of capitalism turned into a money-making machine. For example, people like Brigitte Gabriel turn into a media star. Her allegations about the Lebanese civil war is naive, and ignore that simple fact, No Islamist Jihadist was never involved in Lebanon in that period of time. Another example is Robert Spencer and many people like that Islam is a religion of violence. I wish to ask him a question about his opinion that the war on Iraq was the catalyst for the reappearance of the Afghan war Mujaheddin, Al-Qaeda, in Iraq under the name of Organization of Jihad's Base in Mesopotamia, or what is the advantage of using drones to attack wedding ceremony in Afghanistan or Yemen? How do such policies continue under the war on terrorism help in keeping the people in the West save? I don't need to see Christian flags or the Cross in the battlefield of Iraq to understand that it is new western crusades. Over one million Iraqi kids died because of malnutrition and the lack of basic medical needs. How is that not considered an act of violence against the Iraqis? Years of sanctions, using the depleted uranium and all kind of prohibited weapons in Iraq will create a fertile ground for terrorism and recruiting terrorist.

Finally, organizations like Muslims Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra front are representing themselves and not Islam. These organizations are serving their own political and economic agenda and not Islam. Everybody knows how Britain start this drama by supporting the Muslims Brotherhood in Egypt in 1928 and then American pick up from the British in order to help them in the cold war in Afghanistan fighting the communism and the show keeps going on.
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