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The Way I See It...

On 3/23/11 America has spent a quarter of a billion dollars bombing Libya. I thought to myself, why? This is just my opinion, who am I, just a dumb Marine/Cop/father/tax payer that loves this country and sees it about to crumble around us.

The reason, in my opinion, we are bombing Libya is because it was a popular civil war. In a time of economic upheaval, political uncertainty, and a steady approval ratings drop, President Obama was faced with a dilema. None of President Obama's fiscal or foreign policies have born fruit. The Republicans are making huge gains in (seats and policies) that does not favorthe democrats in the 2012 election season. The only policies that are effective right now were put in place by the Bush (SR/JR) administrations (tax cuts, no student left behind (kind of), Guantanamo, both iraq and the Stan are looking better) and policies taking effect from the Clinton administration. The Presidents baby, affectionatly called Obamacare by Democrats and Obamascare by Republicans... was poorly thought out, implemented badly and well it plainly sucks. Read it! The thing is so convaluded wordy and clauded with lawyer jargon that I sincerly hopethat it will be repealed as soon as the Republicans are back in power on simple grounds that it is Unconscionable. (look it up, its a laywer word). President Obama needs something to give his supporters. A quick humanatarian campaign in Libya would look good to his supporters. Did the President go into this to save lives? Because its the right thing to do? No,the President started bombing Libya because it is a popular civil war against a VERY unpopular man that has a habit of making America angry. That's it! If President Obama can spin this, which his party will try its hardest to do; he will be hailed as a hero. Right or wrong, lets look at some other aspects of this little diversion.

Morroco has a dictatorship party that rules by fear, America has never said a word. Algeria is a one party dictatorship ruled by fear, America has said nothing. The Dafur region has been ripping itself apart in civil war for years, America has done nothing. Chad is butchering its population in a silent civil war, America says nothing. Egypt a population of ~80 million has a military coup, Nothing. Tunisia has had riots for a year, nothing. Yeman/Oman a population of ~18 million is worse off then the majority of Middle eastern countries and is being taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood, nothing. Eritrea and Ethiopia are at it again with their silly tribal language skirmeshes, not even in the news. Pirates raiding the Red sea and taking people prisoner for ranson, three years now.. nothing. Burma ethnic cleansing has been going on for years across the entire country, they made a Rambo movie about it, nothing. In Libya the Rebels took over the majority of the counrty in three days, looting killing and raping Khaddafi supporters, America does nothing. Khaddafi issues weapons to his supporters and demands the Rebels now called "insurgents"(funded, trained and supplied "alledgedly" by the Muslim brotherhood) to surender or he will retaliat. They don't surrender but burn the countries most resource rich port. In a three day campaign Khaddafi supporters retake 80% of lost lands which makes News headlines. Khaddafi, no threat to American security, resources or lives is given an ultimadum by President Obama, step down or face sanctions. Khaddafi is winning the civil war so tells President Obama to go to hell. A day after Khaddafi's reply a "coalition" is bombing Libyan soil. Lets look at the bombings...

France shot one ship to shore missle in the last four days, the U.K. has shot (I hear) twelve ship to shore missles, while America has shot 187 ship to shore Tomahawk missles at a cost of ~.25 billion dollars. Today 3/23/11 khadafi forces rolled over the "front line" of the insurgents taking back two major cities. On the bright side no Americans have been killed yet. Next step, American "observers" on the ground to help train local forces... that's happened before, hasn't it?

What economic sense does it make to attack a country in a civil war that has near ZERO economic or social impact on American lives. To put it blunt, it makes absolutly no economic or security sense. President Obama is simply pulling a trick out of the old presidential play book, "smoke and mirrors." (Clinton bombed Bosnia when the press found out about Monica, Clinton bombed Iraq when he thought the republicans would win the house and senate, Nixon should have bombed someone to bad he was already bombing Viet Nam and Cambodia!) President Obama needs a win if his party is to have a chance in 2012, his plan is simply to have the majority of Americans feel good that our military removed an evil man from power and ignore the fact that ~70% of Americans in inner city neighborhoods are on SSI or welfare, the only jobs being created in America are Temorary or seasonal, we now owe more money to the rest of the world then we can print to repay them, the entire financial future of America is basicly a house of cards (imported from China) set up on a beach (Probably in India) with the friggen tide comming in. I could just be bitter because my friends and family are being killed (in Iraq, in the Stan and now in the Mediteranian) and being used as political pawns for no real gain for the American people.

I could be wrong, maybe the President does have a plan and I just havent caught on yet. The goal might be to make the military the new welfare system. Im sure it wont be called a draft or anything as unpopular as that. The "Urban Defense Force" is catchy and sounds kind of hip too, basically you want to eat and have health care; join the military police force see the world and die for BS politacal stratagies that even my meth head uncle can seen right through, "but hey what other choice do you have if you want to feed your baby!"

Here is my two cents. America is not the world police and crap is messed up at home! You want to change the world join green peace or go volunteer for some other countries military force. The borders are not secure, Mexico is basically in a civil war (and losing to the Cartels) with the violence spilling onto our steps, we have three million homeless folks with mental issues/addictions wandering the streets and no money to help them. Our troops are over extended and under supplied. Violent crime is on the rise all across the country. The second largest para-military force in America is the street gang, Im so glad they hate each other to the point they cant unify. The American health care system is an embarrassing fiasco and the bandaid to it that our president passed makes Bozo the Clown look like a Wallstreet tycoon.

Propossed fixes:

1) Don't police the world. If we dont like their policies, dont deal with them. I have a jehova witness friend, if he doesnt like someone he ignores them, he doesnt shoot missles into their yard until he gets his way.

2)Instead of welfare, job fare! You want money from the state sit in a state run job bank. Think "Man power" or "labor ready". You have a disability, we have a job to match, cant stand for long periods of time because you drank until the doctors had to remove your blader... sort mail at a desk with a rollable cathater.

3) Socialize medicine! for gods sake (uhoh, I said god) the problem is the doctors and insurance companies... organize the doctors similar to the Army Corpse of Engineers. Build a lot more hospitals from the money you save not policing the darn world. tadaa, no need for insurance companies. For vehicles have the DMV maintain Motorist insurance.

4) Socialize education. Drop band, drop sports, drop cheer practice, drop all the distractions. K-9 reading, writting, math, social studies and world history with a little geography tossed in. 10-15 (yes I know there currently isnt a 15th grade) focus on each individual childs weakness. If a kid can't read what good is forcing him to do easy questions on a test? From the complition of grade 15 until graduation have school focus on chosen professions.

5) Instead of housing violent felons in nice prisons where they can learn to be better criminals. Three strikes, your out. Revoke citizenship and drop them off in Burma or Algeria...done, see ya again and we will shoot you. Worked for the ancient Egyptions, Greeks, Romans and Ottomans. Would cut down on repeat offenders and save money at same time!!

6) Close all but seven embasies around the world: UK, Israel, Sout Africa,Russia (at Arkangel), Australia and Brazil. All imports and exports in and out of these countries. Cheaper on security that way.

7) No more policing the world coupled with closing of embasies would free troops to put on the borders, North and South. Imagine, troops guarding their boarders from radicals that would do harm to the country instead of dying fighting islamic radicals to protect islamic radicals from killing each other.

But who am I? Oh yea, the guy whos extended family and friends are spread out around the world dying and continue to risk their lives for this country.Maybe when I grow up I'll form my own party and shake things up a bit... Hmm, wasnt the Bull Moose party popular for a bit?
:peace I know it is a bit old, but was a fun rant post and I still like to read it :lol:
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