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The war.


May 30, 2005
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Rochester, Kent UK
Every war has a reason.

Historically there are two kinds of wars- economic and religious.

Economic wars include war over resources, war over economic ideology and basically anything to do with money.

Religious wars are over ideology, philosophy, moral issues and culture.

Now i present this question, what is the war in Iraq? Is it a war for resources and the death of soldiers to line a purse or is it a war of American expansion, anti-Islamic ideals. Either way it looks as if America is in the wrong.
You're forgetting justice.

Please explain how WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War & the current Iraq War fall into your two categories.

Our (the USA) involvement in each was not immediate. In all but the last two our economy did take a turn for the better. That's because we used to make our own military equipment here in the states. However, that's not been the case for quite some time now. Every single one of these can be put into the category of religious if you're going to lump culture in that category as well. A lack of understanding of cultures can ultimately be used as reason for every war in history. However, in these examples I think you can easily make the argument for justice to be the reason for these wars. There are many reasons that have been given to explain this war. From WMDs to the violation of resolution 1441 as well as many others. Pick one...the media did. Any one of those reasons or a compilation of them still would indicate justice.
If this was a religious war on our part, it would have been fought in 1952, the reason I say this is that terrorist attacks started on a small scale in Israel not long after the nation was formed. If it would be a resource grab, it would have started after OPEC priced us out of the market in the 1970's because of idiotic American domestic policy at the time, why was it idiotic, because we decided as a nation not to build new oil refineries, to make oil and gas production so restrictive as to force companies to scale back production, to fix this, OPEC became the major supplier, they got us. Side fact, Germany never attacked the U.S. during WWII, we took it upon ourselves to rid the world of Hitler's power after Pearl Harbor, because the Axis included Germany we "pre-emptively" decided to remove them as well as the Japanese to avoid a further problem, since France and Brittain are still speaking their own languages and the war ended reasonably soon after we joined, it must have worked. Saddam was aligned with terrorists, maybe not Al-Quaida, but we have been suspecting he was funding a radicalist group at least since Clinton took office, that should have been justification enough.
Sorry about the lateness of this reply...

Firstly for the wars...

WW1 was a mistake but it is narrowed down to economic war because of the competition of empire that fuelled the involvement of Germany, Britain and France.
WW2 was ideological (under the religion category) because of the way Nazism was seen in Europe; but it was also economic, the conditions of the treaty of Versailles made it uneconomical for Germany not to have war and the deppresion made it worse (though the war was not directly economic it influenced peoples attitudes).
Korea and Vietnam were ideological because it was the cold war.
The first Gulf war was ideological, it was to stop Saddams invasion of Kuwait (which could have been economic).

As for the current war, that is the question i presented you and LaMidRighter has answered.

Cheers. Do chara de geo.
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