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The War Party’s Latest Torchlight Parade

Cold Highway

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May 30, 2007
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Newburgh, New York and World 8: Dark Land
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The most powerful patron of radical Islam is not Iran, Iraq, or Saudi Arabia. It is the government headquartered in Washington, D.C., which for more than a half-century has diligently cultivated Islamic terrorism. Yet millions of Americans are suffering what amounts to a collective loss of bladder control over the purported threat embodied in the proposed Cordoba House – the Islamic equivalent of a YMCA – in New York City.

Allowing the "Ground Zero Mosque" to be built, insists Newt Gingrich, would be tantamount to "surrender" in a struggle against those implacably committed to our destruction. New York gubernatorial hopeful Carl Paladino, a New York crony capitalist who anointed himself a paladin of the Tea Party movement, has made opposition to the "Ground Zero Mosque" the central plank of his campaign. Paladino, who has profited handsomely from government's redistribution of wealth, promises that if elected he will confiscate the property used for the Muslim Community Center through eminent domain and use the land to erect a war memorial.

Like Liberals, Neocons hate facts and logic. Gregg exposes the "Some animals are more equal than other animals mentality" that is affiliated with this people

The War Party’s Latest Torchlight Parade by William Norman Grigg
It seems the Sheeple that gave us this President, will continue to follow Hussein to the final surrender, no matter what he and his government do.
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