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The United States of America


  • Hate it

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  • Love It

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  • Love the Country, not the people who run it

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Feb 18, 2005
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What are your thoughts on the USA? Hate it? Love it?
I've been to the USA several times, and loved it. You guys really know how to welcome tourists, and apart from the dreaded McDonald's I always found great service there.

Your country is beautiful and the people are (mostly) great.

One thing that struck me as very sad was the amount of very visible poverty on the streets. Odd for the richest nation on earth. Something is very wrong!

Sadly we seem to be going the same way in the UK.
Proud to be an American.
I love living in the greatest country on earth. Even when the president is someone I don't support or agree with, there's still no where else I'd rather be. I thank God I'm an American!
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