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The Twin Towers & the Muslim Connection

Objective Voice

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Apr 14, 2008
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I came across this article moments ago on NYTimes.com and thought it worth sharing here (although I'm not sure if this board is the right place for it). I think many people would be just as surprised as I was to learn that the WTC2 actually had a mosque (of sorts) in it.

In the midst of this national debate between Christian and Muslim, moderate-Muslim and Muslim extremist/Islamist, religious tolerance and sensativity to victims and survivors, morality and ethics, two things have gotten lost: compassion and understanding.

It's sad what's going on around this country right now, all the fear and hate directed at a people who as a whole have done us no harm. Regardless of how you may feel or what you may believe, the hate being projected at Muslims in this country, many of whom are Americans who work, live, play and pray here, is wrong. I hope this article acts as a reminder not to place all Muslims under the same unbrella of hate and mistrust. This country has been down that road several times before. Must we go that route again?
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I still don't understand how people refuse to make a distinction between your average Muslim and a terrorist. There is a difference.

The attack was not caused by religion, it was caused by a desire to commit terrorism against the United States. The people responsible claimed the reason was the US involvement in the oppression of Palestine by Israel. Whether or not those claims have validity is irrelevant. This was geo-political, not religious. Geo-political.

We can't simply say that all Arab people are the same as the people who attacked us. We can't simply say that all Muslims are the same as the people who attacked us. There have been several Conservative terrorists in the United States, most recently the guy who crashed into the IRS with a suicide plane attack. We would never, as a Nation, presume all Conservatives share this persons views or feelings or are guilty by association. Likewise, it's ignorant to claim all Muslims are guilty by association to Militants.
I've said this before but people who use 9/11 as a license to rail against any and all Muslims seem to ignore this.
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