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The Stig forced to unmask


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Aug 20, 2008
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Damn you High Court!

His identity remained a mystery for eight years despite his star billing on one of the BBC's biggest shows. But today the Stig, the anonymous Top Gear driver disguised beneath a white crash helmet and blacked-out visor, was finally unmasked by a high court judge.

Mr Justice Morgan threw out a request from BBC's lawyers to grant an injunction preventing publication of an autobiography by Ben Collins, the racing driver who has played the character since 2003, following nearly two days of legal arguments heard behind closed doors.

The Stig: high court judge unmasks mystery Top Gear driver | Television & radio | The Guardian


Stig will never be the same again
Top Gear were forced to allow Stig to unmask. He'll be replaced, like Perry McCarthy was when he wrote HIS book. He was black Stig, then Ben was white Stig, perhaps the next one will be pink?
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If you want a new masked driver to follow, check out Ghost Rider

Dude flies around at 200 mph weaving in and out of traffic and leading police cars on chases.
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