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The Six Most Pretentious Dishes Rich People Pay Money For


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Jan 13, 2012
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Las Vegas
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Now, I have no problem spending money on good food. I live in a city famous for its high end restaurant culture. But the following is an article about insane food products made for people who have so much money they pay people to pay attention to it for them. It's pretty funny:

The 6 Most Pretentious Dishes Rich People Pay Money For | Cracked.com

When I tell people I feel sorry for the rich, they assume I have a hidden agenda. But no, really, I would hate a life of pretentious nonsense. Wearing stupid looking designer "fashions", having to eat bizarre foods, having to give a **** about the leather dye lot in the Gulfstream matching my Maybach.

Back in the day when I had shops in the casinos, I had some insanely rich customers. They always seem harried. I would drive stuff out to the airport to their jet like ridiculous carvings of eagles and god knows what other kitsch.

This helps prove my point so thanks for posting.
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