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The senate and the usps


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Jan 16, 2019
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Once again trump and his cronies are using criminal activity to attain their goals of voter suppression. The usps is protected in the constitution messing with it can get a person into serious trouble.

Machines being removed doesn't seem to be a plan that helps? Maybe I just don't see how it benefits the usps to remove their machines if they are already behind from orders to slow things down from on high?

The republicans or more accurately trump supporters who do nothing but repeat trump's bashing of the postal service are clueless, I ignore them on here. What are most americans thinking/feeling about the administrations attack of the postal service? The right doesn't complain about the military service not making us any money so why the different standard for the usps?

Will this one act and mitch's refusal to say enough is enough doom the gop senate to the minority?
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