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The SCOTUS seat and the pandemic


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Aug 10, 2013
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Just when you thought there wasn't a way for Trump to handle the pandemic worse than he has, he gets another shot to screw up. This time with a rushed SCOTUS nomination that could perhaps help overturn the Affordable Care Act in a few months. Jeopardizing everything from coverage for millions of Americans, access to the hoped-for vaccine, future insurance for those who now have pre-existing conditions for the rest of their lives thanks to COVID exposure, and the financial health of the hospitals fighting the virus. All during a pandemic!

Ginsburg, Obamacare and the pandemic
The recent death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and President Trump’s vows to replace her on the Supreme Court as soon as possible, have increased the possibility that the Affordable Care Act could be overturned in the midst of a pandemic.
Coverage: Roughly 21 million Americans are at serious risk of losing their health insurance if the A.C.A. is overturned. Millions of Americans have already lost their job-based health insurance during the current crisis, and many have relied on Obamacare as backup coverage.
Vaccines: The A.C.A. includes a mandate for insurers to cover preventive care, much of it for free, and that includes vaccines. When effective coronavirus vaccines arrive, we are assuming it will be free because of a provision in the A.C.A., Abby said.
Pre-existing conditions: Obamacare bars insurers from refusing to cover people with pre-existing health conditions. Contracting the coronavirus, which leaves many patients with lingering health problems, could make it difficult or impossible for people to get health insurance in the future if part or all of the A.C.A. is invalidated.
Hospitals: The A.C.A. has strengthened the financial health of many hospitals, in part by expanding Medicaid, which covers poor Americans.

I guess he figures why not turn a public health disaster into a public health catastrophe.
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