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The power of man.

God the creator or the universe has given mankind the power of creation. Man has ideas and creates based on his abilities. He brings forth ideas from nothing and makes them happen. That is the first step of manipulation. I am laying the basics down so bear with me if you think this is silly. Man created many things. But the thing that is out there does not have rules. It just exists as if it were there all along. Existence is it's own reward. You were able to feel things in this life. Good and bad they all make up the experience of being a human spirit.

This power of creation has no rules bound to it because the universe can encompass all of existance. These are the fundamental roots of thought and will. I am trying to describe something that has no frame of reference if you have not seen it yet.


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Oct 12, 2013
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This is brilliant. I love it. I believe this is consistent with the teachings from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I heard a similar speech from a Mormon leader once upon a time. I wish I had the information to help you. I know exactly where you want to go with this but I know it is hard to put something so deep into words. Keep the brain turning. This is pretty exciting to me. I like what you are saying.
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