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The Political fallout from the Coronavirus.

Just before the coronavirus hit the US, and even with the impeachment trial in full gear, President Trump was in pretty good shape headed toward the election in November. I'm not saying he was a sure winner, but the impeachment trial was a dud and the economic numbers were definitely in his favor. The arrival of coronavirus changed everything. At first, I think everyone would agree that from a political perspective it could only serve as a negative for Trump's chances at being reelected. It was clear from the outset that not only was the virus going to lead to 10's of thousands of deaths, maybe even millions, it was going to be a devastating blow to our economy that would negatively impact millions of families financially.

It was clear to me back in April, that the longer the number of infection and deaths continued to increase, and the longer we were forced to remain in lock down, the more the odds increased that America's next president would be a democrat. From a political perspective, regardless of whether you're on the left or right, I don't think there was any other logical way of seeing it. It was a rare, unique crisis from a political standpoint, because for the most part, it wasn't something that could be spun or manipulated politically like say a war or foreign conflict could. There was of course the normal back and forth about whether or not the federal government response was correct and appropriate, but that time has passed and I don't think either side gained anything from those arguments.

Now here we are in the middle of May and the situation both medically and politically has shifted. From a medical standpoint, although the numbers are still high, we are seeing infections and deaths from the virus declining nationwide. As a result our attention is no longer on the federal government's initial response, our focus is now on the individual state governments who are faced with the responsibility of deciding how they will move forward from here. It's strictly up to the Governors and state representatives to decide what they feel is best for the people of their state, and I believe those decisions are not only going to have huge impact on the November elections, but could result in the greatest political shift America has seen in generations.

I believe that people will go to the polls in the upcoming election and instead of assigning responsibility or blame for their personal situation on the party controlling the oval office, they will assign it to the party controlling their state and vote accordingly. I'm not saying that's how everyone will vote, because there will always be party loyalists who will vote republican and democrat no matter what. But I do think this will be a deciding factor for independent voters, who as we all know are the ones who decide elections.

It's going to basically come down to the decisions made by states on dealing with the coronavirus, and whether those decisions are viewed months from now as being correct or not. As you can see by the map below, the states that have completely reopened and never went on full lock down to begin with are republican controlled, and with only 1 exception, the states still on complete lock down are democrat controlled.

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Come November, people are going to decide whether more government control, or less government control is what they want... and for once they are going to decide this practically, having lived it and seen it's effects on others, not theoretically and based on how it looks on paper.

It is for this reason that I'm excited about the upcoming election, because I believe that when the American people actually experience and see with there own eyes, the true effects of each political philosophy, it could change the political landscape in this country for generations... and I'm betting it will be freedom that prevails.
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