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The Poles and Czechs apply pressure on Budapest


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Sep 8, 2020
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Ukraine war: Poland and Czech Republic refuse meeting over Hungary's stance on Russia

Visegrad is dead. It kind of was dead already before with the Czechs not really having been actively backing it for some time. But it's definitely dead now. Putin's attack on Ukraine, and Hungary's very weak stance on it basically killed it. The Visegrad group Defence Minister meeting had to be "postponed" because the Polish and Czech defence ministers refused to attend. Hungary used to see an ally in it's anti- democratic, anti- western and anti- lgbtq views in Poland, but their very opposite views of Russia and Putin has shredded that alliance. For Polish Conservative Nationalism Russia is the enemy as much as the West (Germany), and perhaps even more so. For the Hungarians Russia is a partner (because they can't remember 1956 for some reason), an ally in the fight against Western liberalism. Orban might win the upcoming election again, but he might have lost his few remaining friends in the EU/ NATO sphere.
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