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The Perverted Bird: WW2 fan fiction made into a movie.


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Aug 29, 2016
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The Painted Bird review – savage, searing three-hour tour of hell | Film | The Guardian

One day they’ll make a film about the first public screening of The Painted Bird, inside the Sala Darsena at the 2019 Venice film festival. It will feature the man who fell full-length on the steps in his effort to escape and the well-dressed woman who became so frantic to get out that she hit the stranger in the next seat. The centrepiece will be the moment 12 viewers broke for the doors only to discover that the exit had been locked. I’m seeing this film as a disaster movie along the lines of The Towering Inferno, or perhaps a slapstick comic version of The Painted Bird itself.

It takes a very sick person to joke about people who are disgusted by scenes of torture and sexual abuse. Apparently The Guardian hires these people to write for their ****ty publication.

Film festivals need masterpieces to marvel at and turkeys to laugh about. But they also need a film like The Painted Bird, a film that makes a mockery of star ratings. I can state without hesitation that this is a monumental piece of work and one I’m deeply glad to have seen.

The first mass walk-out is prompted by Udo Kier’s jealous miller, who gouges out a man’s eyes and then feeds them to his cats. The second, most violent exodus occurs when the local nymphomaniac (Jitka Čvančarová) is set upon by the townsfolk, while the third is so perfectly synchronised to a Cossack attack that the desperate dash of the spectators mirrors that of the villagers on screen. After it’s over, the auditorium is hardly half full.

Oy vey, how dare these anti-semites run away from such a beautiful movie about the holocaust...

This movie is not based on a book "which was cobbled together from survivors’ accounts" of holocaust like the author of the article claims(even jewish news outlets that quote the article won't back up the claim). It's based on a piece of smut written by a well known pervert, fraud and compulsive liar Jerzy Kosiński.

From Wikipedia;

The Painted Bird - Wikipedia

The Painted Bird is a 1965 novel by Jerzy Kosiński that describes World War II as seen by a boy, considered a "Gypsy or Jewish stray,"[1] wandering about small villages scattered around an unspecified country in Eastern Europe. The story was originally introduced by Kosiński as autobiographical. It was only upon its publication by Houghton Mifflin that he quietly refrained from making such claims any further. Assumed by reviewers to be a memoir of a Jewish survivor and witness to the Holocaust telling the supposed true story of his search for the deported family, the book received enthusiastic reviews. However, within two decades it was discovered that the story was not only fictional,[2] but also plagiarized from popular books written in the Polish language, largely unknown to English readers.[3]

Unlike the main character of the novel, Kosiński spent the times of war hidden by a Polish Catholic family who confirmed that his living conditions were excellent; he even had a female servant to look after his needs.[5]

But wait, it gets much better.
Terence Blacker, an English publisher of Kosiński's books and an author of children's books and mysteries for adults, wrote in response to the article's accusations in 2002:

The significant point about Jerzy Kosinski was that ... his books ... had a vision and a voice consistent with one another and with the man himself. The problem was perhaps that he was a successful, worldly author who played polo, moved in fashionable circles and even appeared as an actor in Warren Beatty's Reds. He seemed to have had an adventurous and rather kinky sexuality which, to many, made him all the more suspect.[21]

D. G. Myers responded to Blacker's assertions in his review of Jerzy Kosiński: A Biography by James Park Sloan:

This theory explains much: the reckless driving, the abuse of small dogs, the thirst for fame, the fabrication of personal experience, the secretiveness about how he wrote, the denial of his Jewish identity. 'There was a hollow space at the center of Kosiński that had resulted from denying his past,'

There are lots of books which could be made into movies, that would make great propaganda to smear people who are against mass immigration and to guilt trip the goyim. Yet these people chose the most disgusting piece of BS they could find.

Was this done because they know people like myself would make fun of it and give it free publicity or was is it some sort of flex to show they could pass off bestiality and sexual abuse as art?

Honestly, WTF is wrong with these people?
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