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The person above me is....


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Dec 21, 2009
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How much do you know about your fellow DP'ers?

Post something about the person that posted directly before you, and let's see how accurate (or inaccurate) people get.


Harry Guerrilla posts something and then someone posts directly behind him and they could post something such as:

^Can't make up his mind what political lean he is. :mrgreen:


Be nice and save any nastiness for The Basement, please. :)
^ wishes her teeth actually looked like her avatar's teeth....
^ loves Sesame Street
^needs to change her avatar
^ has a better taste in avatars than Mellie
^^ needs to understand that I cannot change my avatar until the 18th...thanks Redress!
^remains a good sport, even with Redress' choice in avatars ;)
^is working on a thesis
^ Doesn't want to be asked
^ is full of carbs
^ is pretty sure I'm not Hitler
^seems pretty sure of himself
^sure is bored and pissed off at the computer
^ Likes Bowser from Mario World.

^ Is an eastern medicine doctor in Canada (if I remember right lol).
^is the only Ten I See.
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