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: The Oscars is a Great night and


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Nov 19, 2018
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that's just what it is ". Said Richard Dreyfus back in June when interviewed
while in Australia.
No movie buff worth their salt can forget the Great Movies by Dreyfus.
Starting with - Jaws - { 1975 } and surely - Close Encounters of the Third Kind - { 1977 }
But few can recall the movie that he won his Oscar.Having only been nominated twice
and winning one Academy Award.
I'll let posters wonder which movie Richard Dreyfus won his Oscar.
But he was manifestly wronged about The Oscars and Oscar night.
I used to think it was The best Night on TV.I reveled in watching it.
That was Then ... This is Now.
I started noticing a shift in the Academy Awards about 15 years ago.By 10
years ago it was almost unsalvageable.Due in part to the passing of many of the Greats
that made it so dynamic and fun.Think Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau.
Speaking of Matthau,the night he *won for a favorite movie of mine
I bet not a single poster here has seen or possibly even become familiar.
It's a Hell of a Movie with My Favorite Director.The first teaming of the dynamic duo
of Lemmon & Matthau.
What helped catalpult The Greatest Night on TV into near incompatibility..Need one ask !
It became Political.In fact,it was driven by politics.Johnny Carson was great because
he wasn't political.That also takes care of today's Late Night forum.
Any questions ?

* - The Fortune Cookie - { 1966 } as shady lawyer Willie Gingrich.
Matthau received his Oscar wearing a sling.He broke his arm.
Coulda been that Banana peel mentioned in the Movie.I guess it beat
breaking a leg.
That's a Joke,Son.I say,that's a joke.
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