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The Obama of the Supreme Court


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Mar 11, 2009
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Now more of us understand that running a successful political campaign does not qualify one to be President. Real job qualifications matter when it comes to oil leaks, fiscal stimulus and unemployment, the deficit, Iranian nukes, relationships with our allies, infrastructure modernization and government transparency. If we have learned anything, it is to ask harder questions and not presume "it can't be any worse."

Our unqualified President has now nominated an unqualified judicial nominee. Given his recent very public shortfalls, that he still does not understand the value of experience is startling.


Nominee Kagan hasn't even voted "present" in a judicial hearing. If confirmed, she will become the Barack Obama of the Supreme Court, winging the job as badly if not worse than the unqualified President wings his job.

However, if our Senators do their jobs this week, this will be a quick interview. The Senate should focus on the candidate's qualifications not ideological predispositions, which focus will produce fact questions that are not easily circumnavigated with non-responsive palaver.


The President is trapped in what Chris Stirewalt calls a hypocrisy trap, having claimed competence and qualifications but evidenced neither. We should have no desire to see this sad state repeated in either of the other two branches of government. Surely qualified judges exist. Senators, please do your job and interview the candidate.

American Thinker Blog: Kagan will be the Obama of the Supreme Court

As SCOTUS confirmation become increasingly boring, and predictable, while Presidents from both sides of the isle place in nominees that are more reflective of ideology than substance, and adherence to the Constitution of the United States, I ask the question of when this steady retreat from the principles that founded this nation cease, and we return to sanity?

I give you the only answer I can honestly give.
This is not a partisan reply.
Onward ever onward.
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