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The New York Times Data LEAKS!!! (NYT)

The New York Times Leaks August 2020

Users on Kiwifarms and 4chan discovered on August 12 2020 that internal documents from the New York Times were available via a simple google search. From pro-Biden lobbyists to the dates for the upcoming debates, these New York Times documents have a substantial amount of insider information, overlooked by most.

Although these are technically leaks from the New York Times, the majority of these documents are simply primary sources for their (albiet occasional) journalism. Do not come into this video expecting 'The New York Times get rekt' or something like that.

Regarding #1: Tom Steyer, & CNN were also targets, but the New York Times document does not mention that and only covers up to October 26th. Strangely Kamala wasn't mentioned in the general summary but was lower down in the report

Sorry for transitioning so fast at the end of segment #1 but, the story is two years old and you should already know about it. Sayoc is an old man, he ain't leaving that prison. On the bright side this balances the extended rant at the end of my Youtube Trusted Flagger video.

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