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The New Welfare Rules Fair - A Solution or More of the Same?


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Aug 27, 2005
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States are protesting the new welfare to work rules set to take effect shortly. The concept is a good one. States put people on welfare to work. Simple enough, but here is the hitch. The Federal government takes money from the states, then tells the states they can get that money back if they meet certain quotas in the number of people taken off welfare and put to work. That, my friends is the problem. The solution? Why not let the states keep their money and make their own decisions? Running tax money from the Federal government to the states costs..... well, money.

This is just another example of the Federal government wanting to be a mother, and in doing so, crushes its own children, the states. This is also yet another reason that I favor abolishing the IRS, replacing it with a national sales tax to be used for running the Federal government ONLY, and letting the peoples' money stay in their respective states, where it will do more good.

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