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The New Leninism: The Failed Experiment in Iraq


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Aug 27, 2005
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Who can this be?

.....want to forcibly modernize and secularize a deeply religious, consciously conservative society, and seek to 'liberate' women:

Sounds like what we are doing in Iraq, doesnt it? But this was the goal of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan too, and their methods were exactly the same.

.....both commies and neocons see themselves as "progressive," on the right side of history, and both have force at the core of their methods.

Did 911 really change anything, or was 911 viewed as an opportunity to force our will upon the world, ala Soviet style domination theory? The Iraq war was never about freeing a people, but subjugating their nation to the status of an American client-state. And just as the Soviets failed in Afghanistan, we too have already failed in Iraq.

1) The new Iraqi government has not only aligned itself with Iran, but in the recent elections, leaders proclaiming themselves to be members of al Qaeda have been elected to seats in the Iraqi Parliament. This despite the fact that the US worked hard to push secularism onto the Iraqi people, using the exact same failed technique which the Soviets tried in Afghanistan. The administration tried so hard to break the existing Iraqi culture that Paul Bremmer even installed proclaimed Communists into positions of power in the Iraqi Interim Authority.

2) The rebuilding money for Iraq has all dried up, and very little has been rebuilt. The money is all gone - much of it looted by corrupt officials. The administration told us that we would rebuild Iraq with money obtained from selling Iraqi oil. Instead, American taxpayers footed the bill for this giant giveaway which rebuilt practically nothing.

3) The administration called the move to redeploy last year as a cut and run tactic, but are now saying that we will begin pulling our troops out by the end of this year. They realize that their experiment to force ourselves into the Middle East has failed, and while they saw Murtha was wrong, they now seem to be taking his advice. It also seems that the upcoming elections in November are influencing their decision.

So, in the end, what do we have? Pretty much a failed experiment, which did not have to be tried. After all, the Soviets already proved that it would not work.

Well, at least some pragmatism is finally beginning to emerge from the "crazies in the basement" which run this administration, but the economic impact of this experiment is going to be felt here in America for generations. Too little, too late. Our children and grandchildren will look upon this administration with loathing.

Based on this article. Note: In the article, a very interesting comparison is made between the Bush administration and Robespierre, who led the butchery of the French Revolution. And Robespierre himself came to an end the exact same way he caused untold thousands to do so. Bush should thank his lucky stars that the world has come a long way from the barbarism which existed at that time.
Weak arguement.

1. The USSR was never communist. And "betrayed" Leninist principles.

2. Soviet invasion of Afghanistan was for a far different reason than the US invasion of Iraq. The Soviet invasion was to protect their puppet-govt. they had there from being overthrown by resistance groups.

3. What is this "New Leninism"?

4. How is Iraq related to communism?
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