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The New Enviromentalism

Yay, my first blog here, now onto the topic, it seems to me that the environmentalist movement has been taken over by the global warming crap, and you have people like Al Gore only making it worst, as some may or may not know, i am a rabid environmentalist, i love the bush in my country, I love being able to drive for only 20 minutes and be in some beautiful eucalyptus forest, watching the Kangaroos, Possums and Sugar Gliders as the sun sets, hearing the raucous calling of the Cockatoos, the warbling cry of the Magpie and the various sounds of the Wattle Birds, to smell that unique Australian smell of dust and eucalyptus, but this is being slowly encroached, a few years ago, most of the drive would have been past farmland, I'd beep the horn and see the Sheep run, just for lulz, but now suburbia is creeping out, further and further, pollution is increasing, old growth forests are being cut down, habitats that have been unchanged for tens of thousands of years are being chopped up, dug over and built upon, normally, there'd be an outcry, someone would try and prevent it, but this has all being shoved aside over this bloody global warming, no-one in any position of importance cares about the wildlife and forests, to paraphrase Treebeard "they have a mind of metal and wheels" and add to that carbon, our ex-environment minister, a man I had great respect for, before he ****ed up, always was going on about carbon; taxes, emissions, without consideration of any other environmental issues, whilst it may be important, it may or may not be caused by man, the sheer fact that everything else is playing second fiddle to it really pisses me off.
exactly my thoughts: instead of debating about global warming and not being listened to because it's not yet proven beyond doubt, we should focus on concrete, undeniable problems such as pollution in our rivers, devastation of our forests, overfishing...

To me the root of the problem is very simple: we're too numerous. We'd need 4 or 5 planets if everyone lived like us. The only long term solution, if we don't totally abandon our current way of living, is to decrease population to numbers we've had during thousands and thousands of years, that's to say until approximately 1750. That's unthinkable today, but I think it's still the only solution.

What we could do today is to implement a heavy tax: everyone can get a single kid, but if you want a second one you'll gotta pay for the damages it will cause to our environment.
Climate change, as I'm sure you know, is a lot more than "global warming". But what I really want to say is that all of the over-development and habitat destruction that you speak of IS a part of climate change. It's not just cars and factories. It's the things you are speaking of, our farming techniques, on and on. I'm with you all the way on your topic, too.
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