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The most ironic thing I've seen in a while - from Department of Homeland Security


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Apr 22, 2019
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There's a funny thing about words such as "bias" or "partisan". They're cheap, and easily used as 'opposite words'.

If someone does something based on bias, and that's pointed out, it's easy for them to say the person pointing it out is biased.

Also, these words tend to become gospel to people who have opinions matching the false claims.

So, 'fake news' became a thing, when people simply lied. 'trump committed fraud'. A trump defender says 'he never committed fraud'. Someone calls that response 'fake news'. The trump defender responds, 'the claim he committed fraud is fake news'.

That's how these works can be abused. It derails people trying to tell the truth somewhat, it at least makes it tiresome.

And that leads to the example that is the thread topic.

The GAO - one of the few areas yet to be totally corrupted by trump - reported that the top two DHS officials were illegally appointed. That's the accurate news. DHS responded:

""The Government Accountability Office put out a deeply flawed and clearly partisan report and decided to double down instead of correcting their mistake," a DHS spokesperson said in a statement. "The GAO's unfortunate decision today does nothing whatsoever to change the law, the facts, or the truth; instead, it only further damages the office's little remaining credibility as a nonpartisan entity.""

This paid, lying hack for DHS is saying that the GAO that is telling the truth about their illegal behavior is "clearly partisan". I'd say that proves scientifically that irony and chutzpah can never make the speaker's head explode, since it didn't here. Then, having completely destroyed their office's credibility, they say it's the GAO who is damaging their credibility as a non-partisan agency.

The irony is so huge DHS should probably keep an eye on it.

But it's that easy.

Do any crime you want.

And then say "fake news" "they're partisan" "they're biased".

Over and over and over.

And some people fall for this.

BTW, one of those two top DHS officials, Ken Cucielli, is the country's former leading Republican actor on voter suppression. Voters finally removed him from office, but the party is taking care of him.
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