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The Loft Guidelines

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To facilitate the atmosphere of cooperative discussion and friendly dialog the following guidelines were created to work in tandem with the standard Debate Politics rules. Please review these guidelines so that you can maintain the level of courtesy and civility required for The Loft. Below the guidelines is an explanation of enforcement of these and consequences for violating the guidelines. We hope that such things are rarely needing enforcement, but are here to help create the atmosphere that is trying to be fostered here in The Loft.

The Loft Guidelines:​
  • No broad insults, demonizing, or belittling of political parties, groups, or views.
    No libtards or tea baggers. No "democrats hate the country" or "republicans are bigots" type of comments. Broad scale insults do nothing but detract from the conversation and inflame a situation. Respectfully disagreeing with a party or view is one thing, calling them evil or a blight upon America is not.

  • Keep the aggressive sarcasm, condescension, and belittling to an absolute minimum.
    In debate discrediting an opponent’s position can, at times, be as useful as making a strong case yourself. However, in a discussion where individuals are sharing views or ideas it’s a good way to make the other side up and leave. This place isn't about proving your view as correct; it’s about having a dialog about those views.

  • Short “One liner” posts used to troll or derail are frowned upon.
    We understand humor is inherent in discussions, and it is not against the rules here. However one liners that are just being petulant or trolling for a reaction that would perhaps be ignored in the regular forum could result in action here.

  • Clearly define the topic of your thread, and stay within the realm of a threads stated topic.
    Minor thread drift is normal and occurs in all threads. However, when a threads topic is clearly laid out the conversation should stay primarily about that topic, with only small divergence to other connected issues. If major thread drift occurs report it and focus your own posts on the topic rather than engaging the individual about their potential drifting.

  • Hyperbolic and over the top attacks on political entities should be avoided.
    Let’s face it, politics is a team sport. Nothing derails threads faster than a flippant unnecessary insult thrown towards a politician, individual, or group on the other side. The Loft, while having a causal atmosphere, is meant to be a semi-formal and high brow and how posters approach issues and political figures is part of that.

Violations of these guidelines will not result in points, but instead warnings or thread bans. Additionally any violation of a normal forum rule will also result in thread ban if points are assessed. A one month Loft suspension will occur on every third active “The Loft thread ban” a poster receivers. Members who experience a large number of Loft suspensions may be subject to permanent expulsion from the section.
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