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The Liberal Youth’s Fascination With Europe:

I know a lot of college kids dream about the chance to study abroad. I never got this opportunity, but the most popular place to study abroad is perhaps Europe. The question I ask them is why? Why would they want to study abroad to Europe? If I had a choice to go to any country in the world, it most certainly wouldn't be Europe! It would be somewhere in Africa or South America doing meaningful work. It would be somewhere in Australia or Antarctica help out the local wildlife. It would be in Japan or India helping solve over population problems and technology issues.

Sure it helps the fact that some US schools have certain connections with European Schools to attract young people to go there and pay the same price, and take all the same classes. But what’s the point? The countries I listed above have just as much, if not more culture than Europe’s most popular attractions. That being the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pizza and Stonehenge. So you want to pretend to be the Doctor’s Companion and step inside a blue telephone box? I’m sure you can find that here in America somewhere, or elsewhere in the world. Or maybe you want to get into a bar fight with real genuine Irish men, famous for their bar fights. I know a couple of Irish people you can call… Or maybe you just want to talk to white people with funny accents. Hardly a reason to go in my opinion. Maybe you want to get ****faced in a bar in Amsterdam and wake up with twenty different girls. You can do that in America too.

I never got this generation’s fascination with Europe and Britain in particular. Would I go if given the chance? Of course! I love travel just as much as the next person, but don’t you think an African Safari or a trip to Antarctica would be more exciting than drinking in a pub with a bunch of people with funny accents?

The only reason I think that the liberal youth in this country are so fascinated by Europe is that they see it as a getaway. They see it as a getaway from us pesky Republicans! Do liberals have a dream that Europe is the escape they've been looking for? When they get there, they find out that it’s not anything too different from the US. There are still conservatives in Europe!! Outrageous!!! It’s funny that when the liberal youth discover this, they come back home, and they stay back home. They don’t want to move to Europe’s crumbling system. Though some do.

I’m not saying don’t travel to Europe, I’m saying go somewhere unique! Make your resume really stand out if you are doing study abroad for college.

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