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The Left eats itself!


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Sep 16, 2009
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....consumed by its own idiocy and selfish spite.

Whilst John McDonell jokes about murdering Margaret Thatcher, Keith Vaz is caught up in yet another Labour sleaze scandal.

Union delegates cheer as Labour leadership hopeful tells of desire to 'assassinate' Margaret Thatcher | Mail Online

Keith Vaz: The truth about crooked lawyer as Labour MP tries to take charge of crucial committee | Mail Online

(Are we sure McDonell wasn't in the Communist Party along with plenty of other Labourites? He certainly has the literal 'killer instinct' for politics of that nature!!)

Meanwhile, Ed Balls tries to re-invent himself as a Rightist by apparently following in the footsteps of Enoch Powell:

On migrants, Balls 'is to right of Enoch': Tories condemn would-be Labour leader | Mail Online

(Perhaps Balls could pay a further tribute than merely requesting a cap on EU immigration by also disappearing to serve in India as Powell did.)

...Or perhaps he can stay and offer support to Labour's specialist noisy gay division, who suffered a few of its members being banned from a pub:

Pub chain apologises after Labour gay group is refused service in sexuality row | Mail Online

As they're Labour I'm sure they'll make a hullaballoo of this to teach them a lesson. Mind, I doubt the hypocritical Red Equality crusaders will make much fuss of gay pubs apparently turning away straights!

gay pub turn away straights - Google Search

Even when out of power they just can't stop themselves. Nor, apparently, can the leftist BBC who have opened themselves up to a flood of trendy psuedo-injustice complaints. You'd have a heart of stone not to laugh at the folks who bring it on themselves; much as with the Metropolitan Police, who now suffer moody Muslims and wacky weirdos wanting to dress in womens' clothes bringing legal cases or wanting special treatment.

BBC faces tide of claims for sex and age discrimination | Mail Online

Berks: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-67124/Police-told-avoid-word-homosexual.html
Git: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...police-discrimination-removed-armed-unit.html
Cocky little swine: http://www.jihadwatch.org/2009/12/u...d-eating-them-before-he-brought-his-suit.html
Well, that's life now: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-1206415/And-thought-WPCs-burqas-ridiculous.html

The cases just flood in now the 'PC' Met' said they'd get houseroom: http://www.google.co.uk/search?clie...+police+sues&sourceid=opera&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8
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Labourites queue up to say "We were wrong on open-door immigration":

Immigration and the shameless hypocrisy of Labour's leadership contenders | Mail Online

Yet in towns and inner cities up and down this country, ordinary people, many of them former immigrants themselves, find themselves in competition with recent arrivals on every level. Has any contender for the Labour leadership recently tried to have a baby on the NHS, for example?

Even Asian youths in Oldham have gone as far as to ring immigration officers to complain they have been sacked and their job given to the more recent arrival from Karachi.

The economic, demographic and cultural free-for-all tipped the equilibrium on every social level, particularly in dense, deprived population areas.

But this was no mere planning mistake. The quasi-Marxist social 'reformers' of the toxic Left deliberately set out to create a country whose native culture and people would be watered down or displaced. 'Rubbing the Right's nose in Diversity' to create a 'Multi-Cultural Society'.


In short, Leftists of the 'PC' mould honestly believe that Britsh culture, 'if such a thing exists', is institutionally racist and supremacist. They cite our comparitively brief involvement with the European slave trade and empire building as unique examples of white evil - despite the fact that it was ONLY the political Establishment which saw a true need to dabble in those. (Yep, the same Establishment our rulers belong to!!)

Christianity is also to blame, hence the desire to downgrade and downplay essential tenets of British culture and tradition which have actually led to the people of Britain being amongst the more tolerant and stable in European history.

The mania has turned such a circle that active anti-white racism ('positive' discrimination on even more acid) causes the Establishment to resent its own subjects!

The summarised dossier: http://www.debatepolitics.com/europe/65404-lunatics-new-labour-state.html


It's only racist when whites do it:

Liddle under fire over 'racist' blog - Press, Media - The Independent

A white journalist says that blacks champion rap music, goat curry and gang crime. A black 'historian', recently famed for sitting next to Nick Griffin on television, says that whites are chiefly responsible for paedophilia, warmongering, murder and football hooliganism. Only one got a kicking from the Left. No prizes for guessing which.


"Labour may have ditched many socialist economic principles, an action which helped the party get elected after 18 years in the wilderness, but political correctness became its barbed replacement.

In many ways Labour are still as far Left as the day is long. When Castro retired, many Labour MPs signed an early day motion praising him for his longevity in office. Harriet Harman also called him a 'hero of the Left' in a contemporary interview."

YouTube - New Labour's Communist Heritage and Pride - with Johnathan Leftwinger MP




RUBBING THE RIGHT'S NOSE IN DIVERSITY: http://www.debatepolitics.com/europe/65404-lunatics-new-labour-state-4.html#post1058552128

Joseph Harker: Of course all white people are racist | Society | The Guardian

Margaret Hodge in 'too white' Proms row - mirror.co.uk

But the Left has now become so peculiar that scientific quackery to diagnose 'racism' is in the ascendency, as well as other technology being questioned for 'racism' itself:

The brain scan that can read people's intentions | Science | The Guardian

Inside the mind of a racist: scans may reveal brain's hidden centres of prejudice | UK news | The Guardian

Police Performance (Civitas Blog)


These disharmonious, wicked, hypocritical Marxist nation-wreckers must learn that in order to have the kind of brotherhood of man they babble about, you must never put whites on an intense guilt trip to give normal people their own personality disorders.

Indeed, if the 'Liberal' Ar***oles are so cut up about being whites in a 'racist' land, why don't they either move abroad or commit suicide?


Others in the 'Liberal' Establishment, including teachers and senior police officers, have been known to re-enforce such destructive poison. And with Labour effluent suddenly distancing themselves from dogma they've fused with since losing the election, they've proved themselves to be slimy, scheming two-faced liars again. People and countries don't matter, only the Project to warp them to a different image.

If the voters have learned no lessons on the toxicity of Labour-Leftist 'ethics' by now, they never will.
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The Daily Mirror positively froths now their beloved Labour Party has blundered back into Opposition:

Maggie Thatcher on parade at the scene of her political and economic crimes sent a chill down the spines of millions of Britons.

A Prime Minister who once posed as the cuddly Heir to Blair has finally come out as the Son of Thatcher.

When David Cameron no longer feels the need to hide his admiration for the Rusty Lady we should brace ourselves for the Tory equivalent of a plague of locusts devouring Biblical lands.

They're ones to talk about political crimes when they backed two Prime Ministers who abolished the penalty for treason before signing away our nation to the EU without permission! And let's not forget selling off 2/3 of our precious, wealth-ensuring gold reserves, just to plug black holes in Labour sums and invest heavily in chip-wrapper Euros!

There’ll be only tears when PM Cameron raises the ghosts of Thatcherism: mass unemployment, rundown schools, ailing hospitals, strikes and riots.

Labourites know all about those! These problems were such a hallmark of New Labour rule that the Red goons were lucky to do half the time Maggie's Tories served in office. All the Mirror can say of their own lot is that McDonell was 'honest' for expressing his desire to kill Mrs. Thatcher!

Dodgy David Cameron turns into Maggie Thatcher - mirror.co.uk

...And they say the BNP would be nation-wrecking, callous and dictatorial fascists!
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Argh so many links, how will I ever read them all! I know how! I'll just ignore it because its all the same stuff we've seen before from you!
Argh so many links, how will I ever read them all! I know how! I'll just ignore it...........

Don't you just love that Leftist tendency to shield their dogma from the acidic effects of truth - not to mention good grammar and punctuation?!

Indeed, you scarecely see any of their links in refute of mine.

Wiseone, baby, just look at one if you can't take much in!


(I've noticed when I've been up on my horse a bit, I quite often get replies from the Left saying 'Don't you know we're ignoring you? Look, look, we're doing it now'! To which I reply: Well, that's probably why you go to all the bother of telling me!) :)
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