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The Left Continues Not Accepting Election Results


Money talks louder than Twitter.

GA offers some of the best tax incentives for film production in the world, which is why there's so much production there. As long as they offer that, production isn't likely to stray too far.
My guess is that The Walking Dead doesn't move out of Georgia.
The Left Continues Not Accepting Election Results....Now Hollywood wants to boycott Georgia because the person they wanted to win didn't win.

Alyssa Milano among Hollywood stars threatening film boycott in Georgia over Stacey Abrams loss

??? -- Were you having an "I gotta be disingenuously inflammatory" moment when you created this thread, OP-er?
  1. Hollywood is a jurisdiction and AFAIK, Hollywood hasn't had a thing to say about any election in GA.
  2. How can Hollywood stars be unaccepting of the results of the GA election? Were they not accepting of the outcome, they wouldn't have the reason they've noted for boycotting GA.
  3. The boycott indicates the boycotters' dissatisfaction with the outcome, or perhaps something re: the nature of its realization; however, they most certainly do accept that Kemp is the governor-elect of GA.
  4. The left, most notably Stacy Abrams, but also the remaining millions of Democrats and liberals, is not represented by Ms. Milano, Mssrs. Perlman and Whitford, or the several other celebrities who've threatened to boycott GA. Indeed, as the rubric article notes:
    • "Abrams has forcefully stated that she doesn’t support a boycott and has been pretty clear about that. 'The hard-working Georgians who serve on crews & make a living here are not to blame,' [Abrams tweeted]."
Allow me to remind the Democrats of their advice back when Obama was president: "Obama won. Get over it." Substitute Obama with any Republican winner.

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