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The Latest: Judge orders Flynn to stay within 50 miles of DC


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Dec 27, 2014
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Judge Emmet Sullivan is throwing another wrench into former national security adviser Michael Flynn's plans.

Just hours after delaying Flynn's sentencing, Sullivan is now saying Flynn must stay within 50 miles of the District of Columbia come Jan. 4.

Flynn had been allowed to travel freely under the conditions laid out by another judge. But Sullivan says he only learned of that today. He is now requiring Flynn to get his permission before he travels outside that zone, as he typically does in such cases.

The order could cause some complications for Flynn, who has been living in Middletown, Rhode Island, near his family.
Judge says, stay close Mr. Flynn, you could be going to jail
They pissed off that Judge but good. I suspect team Flynn is regretting the conspiracy theory play.
Or maybe they are hoping it gave cover to Flynn for Trump to pardon him..unlikely but these guys are so stupid, it's hard to predict.
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