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The key to recovering the UK economy


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Aug 15, 2013
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The UK economy is growing very slowly, we've had 0.6 percent growth in our GDP but that growth has come too late. Both Labour and a conservative will dodge the issue when in power (especially Labour because they're closer to Marxism) and it's time to introduce common sense economic policies that should have been out in place as soon as the recession happened in 2008.
1) Tax Cuts, not just for big businesses, EVERYONE. This stimulates the economy in all directions, it gives businesses more money to invest in their businesses and create more profi(showing positively in tax revenue) and empowers businesses the ability to create jobs because they have spare money. It allows consumers to buy more, helping both businesses and themselves.
2) British jobs for British people. Simple as that. We need to limit agencies getting foreign workers to work in jobs for low wages and we need to crack down on the hundreds of thousands of illegals in our borders, those illegals are taking our jobs and at the same time wasting our public service money because they can freely claim healthcare and other services. This isn't a case of racism, but if you want to come and live in this country please do so by our own according law.
3) Dealing with weaknesses in the Welfare system. I acknowledge having benefits are important for people who genuinely need it, but the fact that our Welfare bill exceeded our military bill last year is ridiculous, put simply people are dependent on welfare when the government should be striving to make them independent from welfare. We need to crack down in welfare abusers, regulate job seekers allowance to make sure people are actually searching for jobs, ensure those who claim are the MOST vulernable and actually need it.
4) Deal with tax legislation loopholes. There are too many ways that businesses can dodge tax, all this is thanks to the incompetence of those who wrote our tax code. We need to simplify our tax code and eliminate loopholes, this along with the stimulation with the tax cuts will bring in so much more to government revenue.
5) We need to pay off national debt. It's time to realise this debt won't pay itself, we need to make cuts in what we spend. It's tough and sacrifices will have to be made, but it's better for the long term security of our economy.
6) An energy independent Britain. Processes such as Fracking and drilling for oil within the UK needs to be promoted and protected from left wing air headed environmentalist protestors. These processes will not only help the UK's economy but lower our soaring energy prices and get us some much needed foreign money.
7) Foreign aid, it needs to go completely until our economy recovers. We aren't in a position where we can give out hundreds of millions to foreign countries while we go through hardship here. Foreign aid is wasteful spending and has to go completely.
8) Finally, ease the ridiculous health and safety regulations that businesses face. These are a major barrier to businesses making money and slows them down.
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