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The irrational things Conservatives think must be true about Liberals.

Ideologically, I am a progressive liberal, it could even be truthfully said there is a better chance of the earth experiencing another extinction level cataclysmic event than there is for me to cast a vote for Trump or any other conservative Republican candidate in 2020.

So, it kinda is my duty, as a confirmed liberal to bring you back to the place where believing what is true about people is something you still care about. I know it is hard to accept, but it sometimes happens that people-who-are-not-liberals can get a little off track, get a little turned around, get a little confused and will start thinking all sorts of wild, crazy, and actually rather absurd things about some of their neighbors who, rumor has it, are, oh my, liberals.

You had even had a couple of them over for dinner last Saturday night (before you knew about their liberal-ness, of course.) Your kids are already becoming friends with their spawn, uh, I mean, kids.

I'm here to help.

Below you will find a (somewhat disturbing) "we want" wish list that someone thinks is true about liberals. I have made marked through the completely false statements, and tried to clarify, as best I could, statements that were misleading. I know you are a good person and would not like to think bad things about somebody else if it wasn't true. Ok, so here we go....

We want more welfare...... thats just silly. It is inhumane, though, to do away completely with the government programs that meet the needs of those who would die without it.

we want free healthcare,..... this one is true. It is barbaric to not provide medical care to impoverished people.

we want abortions at any stage of pregnancy,... this one is often a little tricky, even among liberals not everyone sees this issue the same way. Personally, I want to state flat-out that I am against the government taking away a woman's right to choose. I also just as strongly believe that, without any shaming, pregnant women should be given whatever support they need to carry the child to term if that is what they choose. If you really are pro-life, then show it by caring for the mother while she is pregnant and helping her care for the child after it is born if she does not have the means to do so otherwise. And don't forget about adoptions, give her all the options and then hopefully she will choose to carry to term, emphasis on her choosing.

we want corporate America punished and taxed off the wall,.... no, we do not walk around thinking of how evil everyone in corporate America is.

we want higher taxes on the rich (true)
who already pay the largest amount of anyone, misleading, they have greater incomes so, yes, they pay greater amount.

we want Christians to shut-up and go away, (false, I am a Christian and I don't want me to shut up and go away from ...me...)

we don't want a clean environment ...(false, must have been a misprint on that one)

we are pushing Climate Change...... (really? liberals don't want the climate TO change because of our abuse of the environment, in general)

and we are closing down the Coal Industry, the oil industry, ...(false, wrong, not realistic)

we want our Green cars,.... (actually, I don't care what color your car is, as long as it isn't over polluting the air)

we want our education,...(yes, what idiot would be out promoting the benefits of the uneducated)

we want Blacks released from prisons, ...(racist comment, not going to bother with any further)

we want the police to be federally regulated, ...(as opposed to...?)

we want the states to have no sovereignty,...(this 19th century crap again?)

we want 15 an hour for flipping burgers, arranging clothes in a store and jobs that are no brainers ...(this is just a mean, spiteful, cruel jab at fellow Americans who are employed, but you think it is still ok to say demeaning things about)

while our doctors and nurses are pitifully paid ....(doctors are not known for their poverty, nurses should be paid more)

along with we want hospitals to take everyone...(true, or would you like them to be left to die outside the emergency room door)...

and we want millions of illegals and we want women to have all the birth control they need paid by everyone, we want, we want, we want a nanny in every home telling us how to eat, what to eat, what to drive and how to raise our children. (ring....ring...ring...hello, hey, it's for you, its reality calling and it said you needed to come back, you are way too far from home)
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