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The international community tampers with Darfur crisis (1 Viewer)


Apr 25, 2016
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The abduction of 31 displaced people en route to Neyala to attend a voluntary repatriation conference in Neyala is not strange for Abdel Wahid Nur led faction. The rebel faction always tries to abort peace and development efforts in the region to keep the situations in the region flaring.

The move is backed by some regional and international circles. They oppose the stability and reconstruction of the region. The success of the federal government and Darfur Regional Authority means that the rebel movements have no issue to defend.

SLM-N Secretary General, Yassir Arman shares them the same trend. He has urged the international community to boycott the donours' conference for the reconstruction of the region which is due to kick to kick off on April 7 in the Qatari capital.

UNAMID peace keeping force is also involved. The force cooperates with the rebels to achieve hidden agenda which have nothing to do with the well being of Darfur natives. The peace keepers who receive billions of dollars annually and have advanced weapons and communication means have deliberately avoided friction with the rebels to protect the helpless displaced people.

The peace keeping force has spent about six years in the region without achieving security addition.

The voluntary repatriation conference is important event. It encourages the displaced to return to their home villages or towns to lead normal life. The conference should have been sponsored by the United Nations. It's awful to leave the internally displaced people in this miserable situations with no protection from the the so called peace keepers who were deployed mainly to protect the civilians from the rebels attacks.

It has become clear that the international community works against the stability of this vast region. It is only concerned with deploying more peace keepers to tighten the grip. The international community has to be rational and allocate these funds on the reconstruction and settlement of the displaced people instead of the helpless peace keepers.
source: sudansafari.net

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