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The insanity of this War! (1 Viewer)


Frank Weed

“Do you believe we are Winning the War on Drugs?
Do you believe we are Loosing the War on Drugs?
Do you even care?

All of these Questions beg to be answered in this the Longest Lasting War in American History. It has the distinction of the Biggest war put on by America. It’s the most prolific War in our history with prisoners counted in the millions. It effects every single American citizen. Yet due in large part of the Pro-Drug War side, it has continued for decades and shows no sign of slowing, in fact every year it gets bigger and bigger.”

“Almost every American self medicates in one form or another. They take prescription drugs from there pharmacies, they take over the counter medications they can buy any where. They take legal Drugs like Alcohol, and cigarettes, they self medicate using all these Drugs. None of these people can morally say they are any different than the Illegal drug users.

When Americans try to say that self medication with one drug is ok, but self medication with another drug isnt, they enter into the moral quagmire that the War Machine puts in front of them. You get into all kinds of technical data that is put out by the War Machine, Medical associations, and lawyers and this doesn’t help anyone understand what self medication is or isnt.

Don’t rely on data concocted by entities that are profiting from this War!
As a good example look at what these people have to say about coffee!


“The Clinical Management of Poisoning and Drug Overdose states:
"this Drug X-induced psychosis, whether it be delirium, manic depression, schizophrenia, or merely an anxiety syndrome, in most cases will be hard to differentiate from other organic or non-organic psychoses....The treatment for this Drug X-induced psychosis is to withhold Drug X."

Does any American feel that way about coffee? Of course not, so why count on these people to tell you the truth in a simple concise manner?

This War can not sustain itself. It needs to end. Prohibition started 50 years ago based on prejudice and racism, and it still relies on those things today. It leaves a foul taste in most Americans mouth. The War has to end. All Wars must eventually come to an end.

Many are scared by the fact that there is no exit strategy for when the Pro Drug War advocates have pushed this War as far as middle America will or can go. But in the mean time there are crimes going on against humanity. Oh Americans hate to hear that don’t we.

What I propose is a way for middle of the road Christian Americans to make a fair and unbiased opinion on this War by looking at the common sence facts and not allowing the other elements of this War distract them with there propaganda.

I am relying on information I get from the Internet from all parts of this War. I am communicating with Americans in Christian forums, and in Political forums, as well as drug forums. I want to offer a way for all rational Americans to realize what the War is and what it is doing to Americans right now while you are reading this. I also hope to provide a way for Most Americans to accept Self medication for what it is and not what some wish it might be.”

Please continue reading my piece and others I have written as I explore the Drug War and its effect on America

-Frank Weed


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