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The Information Game

We, skeptics, don’t have enough information. Go figure. There is enough information in some instances to see serious trials started and pretty easy convictions, though I’m not a lawyer and I’m talking about your average Joe being tried, not money and power. It happens all the time in the real world, rich people with armies of lawyers getting away with that crap. Plus, the Head Munchkins keep making the laws easier for themselves to avoid, so some stuff isn’t even illegal anymore.

But the rest is just enough information or evidence to know that there needs to be further investigation, which is killed off by those who look the guiltiest. Same ol’, same ol’. I’m really not sure why you keep using it as an excuse to bolster your argument that there’s no conspiracy, but it flies.

So then you’re sort of left with a bunch of 85 year old grumps, skeptics, who all remember the kid with his hand in the cookie jar 50 years ago, but disagree on what kind of cookies, color shorts, whose kid, etc. There are always ‘wild’ theories attached to a real conspiracy. When you’re talking corruption, secrecy, lack of information, it is completely natural.

There’s still far more available information than an average lifespan to keep you busy. The truth is not simple, doesn’t polish up well for little soundbites. It may be lengthier, but it is not confusing once you put down the crack pipe. You’ll wonder why people ask ‘how could they keep it secret?’. People have been pointing it out for centuries or longer, history has taught the lessons repeatedly, ‘conspiracy theories’ proven true, and once you see it, it’s no mystery at all.

But I knew things about the conspiracy yesterday that aren’t true today. I may know something to be true today that might not be true tomorrow. It will not diminish the overall conspiracy. The conspiracy is a certainty. Exact details on how, who, when, etc would take years to sort out WITH all the information. So you look for that information…

You keep running into the same road block following several different information chains, in several different subjects. That roadblock is the same entity benefiting from the apparent/obvious ‘conspiracy’. I’m not sure what you call it, but I’ll go with ‘red flag’… So many red flags, you’ll already know when a subject comes up, how it’s going to end, but you’ll do the work just to stroke your ego, prove how smart you are to know that when you leave the bathwater running it eventually overflows.

You always hear people like me say ‘check it out for yourself.’ You don’t understand what that means until you do it. Nobody will ever convince you, but you. You have to want to give up the pipe for a bit, open yourself to wherever the information takes you, DO the journey. Once you run into a few roadblocks of your own, see some flashes of possible evidence in your everyday life, track something down and FIND that gem of information you were looking for… It’s the process that tells you, not anything I could ever tell you or compile for you in one easy sitting… It takes your own personal detox.

Those that are reasonably focused in on the real conspiracy might agree that the kid was wearing blue shorts, but still disagree on what color blue. The true color behind the roadblock. If you do your own research, you might have a slightly different ‘version’, might come at it from a different angle, but we would be talking about the same thing, speaking the same language…

Maybe you’ll hate that you’re ‘giving in’ to this ****, becoming a secret ‘one of those people’… Maybe you’ll even see why some people get loud and obnoxious when they rant angrily about it… Or why people ramble about what moron’s the masses are… Maybe you’ll become one of those people. You just never know…

For some reason I have to break this post up, even though it is under 10,000 characters...


Pull My Finger

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Expecting an average Joe skeptic to conduct the investigation, with subpoena power, granted access to all information, in order to provide you the information as proof that we need the investigation… is not a reasonable request. That’s the same mental block you get to around the dinner table when you vacantly bitch about those crooks getting away with that ****. That is your delusion, not the real world. The real world starts where you stop thinking. If lawyers, ex-FBI, Congressmen, ex-media personalities, citizen groups, etc can speak on it and be made fools of or wind up dead, what exactly are you expecting from John Q Pullmyfinger?

The best we can do, what we’re obligated as citizens to do, is point out how almost every investigator on the panel are almost always cronies, the neglected basic investigative standards, the important omissions, the neglected testimonies, the lack of oath’s or general legal practices, the lies they were caught in, the destruction of documents, the laws being changed or manipulated to make it easier for powerful people to dodge investigations, the investigated entities screening the final documents before their release, etc, etc. Some people call them clues.

Using the argument that a skeptic needs to provide more proof, amounts to a lazy excuse on your part. You need to start using your own observation, your own brain, the same logic you apply to the kid and the cookie jar. And I don’t care if they’re legalizing raiding the cookie jar, it just means more work to do to clean house. The fact that you’re apathetic about your ambivalence just makes me want to pinch your cheeks, you little cutie, go on, go play, you shouldn’t hear stuff like this anyway.

You want to let them legalize it, give it nice names, pretend your rights aren’t being whittled away, go get in your jammies, the adults have work to do. I’m sick of this dingy dilapidated house, I can’t believe we didn’t fire the caretakers ages ago, look at this dump. I want it spic and ****ing span again.

I’m basically in a position where all I can think is maybe if enough people KNOW, can break through a lifetime of psychological barriers, get pissed off enough to tell the Head Munchkins who the **** is boss around here while it’s still legal. No more ****ing white wash investigations with all your buddies on the panel. No more people who are ‘un-touchable’. I don’t care how much money you have, what your credentials are, and I swear to Christ, if you use the ‘terrorist’ excuse one more ****ing time, nuh-uh, not any ****ing more – get your ass on the stand, beeotch, I’ll grill it PERSONALLY.

Of course it’s not that easy, and what difference would it make when the judicial branch is as crooked as the rest? I know you don’t want to believe that either, but look around. Why are we even having this discussion? How is it possible for people to avoid trials or buy verdicts? How did we ever get to a place where the people who are MOST accountable to the rules, don’t need to submit to them? How did that ever come to make sense? Or how did I become so apathetic to it, think nothing of it and its consequences?

It’s getting to the point where it really is dependent on you to prove to us that they are telling the truth on anything anymore. They are the most incredible liars we have ever seen as an organization, don’t forget that. I can’t figure out why you’d even stand in front of them as representatives of this ****. It’s embarrassing.

You think it was an accident the rich and powerful benefit from the rules so much? The rich and powerful make the rules, play both sides to their benefit. They ****ing OWN this joint, built it with their bare hands… You seem to have this idea that these people must be evil with horns out of their heads to do this. They’re just drunk on power, have a vision of what’s right for the world, no matter how twisted and selfish we might think it is.

We have been WARNED very specifically of what to look for in a government gone too corrupt with time and neglect. This is it, look around. Did you expect corruption to the point of tyranny to look like marching boots and tanks, death squads, Anne Frank huddled in your attic? You think Bin Laden is going to do it, is that it? The Chinese are going to send a million men over to surprise us on the Mexican border? You don’t think the Head Munchkins are going to use a template we recognize so easily, do you?

They’re far smarter than that. They’re pragmatic, if a little cold. They’re calculating, if a little paranoid… They’re brilliant, if a little insane… But they’re not superhuman, they’re old munchkins. They just had all the right tools to paint an illusion that they’re in control. They own information, and what you don’t know will kill you in the real world.

The most dangerous thing to the Head Munchkins is you giving a ****, getting yourself informed. In no time, Munchkinism would be a laughed at thing of the primitive past. It looks like guns and bombs are in charge – we made it a reality -, but really, knowledge is in charge. They’re just keeping knowledge from us with twisted words, that’s it. If we figure that out, bye-bye Munchkins… In a ‘perfect’ scenario, if everyone found out and understood in one instant, there wouldn’t be a single shot fired.

The Head Munchkins think you’re dumber than a bag of hammers. They should know. They’re the ones who keep robbing you of valuable information. You’re not even close to their level. If you don’t start thinking like them, you’re just killing time here, part of the problem, fair game for my sulky finger pointing…


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