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The Imaginary God


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Aug 22, 2005
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Maybe this "God" fellow is simply a figment of man's idiosyncratic imaginations? After all, Genesis 1:1 should read In the beginning, man created God, and he was believed in henceforth. Numerous times in the OT, this sky leprachaun appeared to people either to help/hinder them. Why can't he at least make a cameo appearance now? I'll just give 1 example:

Exodus 6:3
I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob as God Almighty, but by my name the lord, I did not make myself known to them.

Haha, so I gather this sky ape sprang out of nothingness and created the world in 6 days (and needed to rest on the 7th), then played with his creation a little, then got bored and sky-rocketed back up to heaven!
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