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The hate industry, Islam and Islamophobia

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Nov 15, 2018
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People influenced by the Islamophobia and xenophobia are refusing to admit that their views are a total failure. The war on terrorism is a reflection of the West fear at their civilization, which is in the final stages of self-destruction. People like Robert Spencer and Brigitte Gabriel refuse to acknowledge that the achievements of Muslim scholars have contributed to the renaissance of Europe at the same time life flourished in the Muslim cities of Damascus, Baghdad and Cordoba, which had the highest standards of living. People like Mark Styen are addressing the demographic problem in Europe with all the bias possible. Muslims shouldn't be concerned about the reluctance of Danish, Swedish, Canadian or Spanish women birth rates.

The bias exercised by the Western media in their criticism of Islam is remarkable. For this reason, they receive prestigious salaries and collect revenue from advertising during top-rated T.V and radio shows. Conservative research institutes collect donations and fees, and they certainly will not offer a neutral view. Capitalism, whose principles can be summed up as anything got a price, transformed the Islamophobia into an industry, with a lucrative revenue as a result of book sales, articles and meetings on various media outlets. Islamic hate industry derives substantial revenue from patronizing the hate speech under the banner of Islam. There are many t.v, audio and written media outlets that play the hate tone against the followers of other religions and even followers of other Islamic sects. Both sides need one another, the hate industry on both sides feed on each other propaganda.

The negative propaganda against Muslims, which is reinforced by the behaviours of some individuals doesn't necessarily mean the dissemination of this propaganda to all Muslims. Historical events such as the Crusades or the Inquisition courts must not an excuse of blowing up train stations in London, attacking an airport in Belgium or the stabbing incidents in Europe, where the knife has become the favourite instrument of slaughter, in the name of religion and God. But both, Muslims and Christians practice dual standards. Islam had no role in the European religious wars and wasn't part of World War I and World war 2, which wiped out over 80 million victims mostly civilians. Western powers besieged Iraq for years under the pretext of possession of weapons of mass destruction, the lack of food and medicine killed more than one million Iraqi children, and then they invaded Iraq and destroyed its infrastructure, displaced its population and opened detention camps in which the most brutal interrogation techniques practiced. No Weapons of mass destruction discovered and the war destroyed the country; meanwhile, George W Bush explicitly declared the war to be a crusade. What was the outcome of the war in Iraq? The emergence of terrorist organizations more bloody than its predecessors, where the Organization of Jihad's Base in Mesopotamia, which surpassed the organization of al-Qaeda in criminality and bloody after which ISIS appeared. Now, the Western media promoting the extremist Khorasan group as an imminent danger to the security of the West and the safety of its citizens.

Islam or Christianity is just a religion that doesn't promote peace or violence but depends on personal behaviour. If a person is by nature is peaceful, his character and behaviour will reflect in his religious practices and vice versa. There are countless passages in the Christian and Jewish sacred books that incite violence against followers of other beliefs. It is absurd to simplify the fact that the violent acts of the Christians or Jewish people don't quote texts from the holy book to support their actions. They read and believe in these texts validity, do they? Those who blame religion and not people for violent and criminal acts should explain the high rates of crime, especially rape, theft and drugs, in countries and societies that describe themselves as secular and support separating religion from the state, the United States, Britain, France, Italy and others. How is that mass murder in Las Vegas 2017 interpreted when a gunman opened fire from his hotel window at a concert near the hotel? What is the justification for numerous shootings incidents in American schools and universities? And what about the 2011 mass murder in Norway, where a right-wing extremist named Andrés Bering opened fire on a camp for what he described as pro-Muslim left-wing youth? How will all these incidents be justified? How does the Western media's describe crimes committed by people with a white background as criminal offences justified while being labelled as terrorist crimes if committed by Arabs or Muslims?

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