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The greatest and best testing on the planet in history! Right.


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Sep 30, 2012
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Trump is all over the map when it comes from testing blaming increases in cases solely to increases in testing.
He extolls how America tests more than anywhere else. He claims it as big accomplishment in his brave and noble fight against the pandemic.

But it turns out that some 30% of testing returns results in over 4 days, essentially worthless as an indication of negativity, and way too much infection time or positives.


it turns out that the recent down turn in the number of cases is DIRECTLY linked to the DECREASE in testing in key REPUBLICAN RUN states. odd that wot?


Only a sociopath would deliberately manipulate the numbers for partisan gain at the expense of american lives.

What a cretin. And all those that blindly support him are enabling accomplices. That flag sure does have a different meaning in trumpland.
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