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The great llamanapping of 2010

See, the problem is... sometimes I get bored at work.

A bored Faydra is a dangerous thing, and let's say you are a co-worker of mine and you have a cute little stuffed llama on your desk.
I've been walking by that cute stuffed llama every day for years, it's late - nobody is around.

Next thing you know... LLAMANAPPING

My first step was to assure the little llama that I would never harm it. we bonded, we're cool.

Next, I need a way to contact my co-worker so she wouldn't know who I was, so I created a gmail account. llamanapper @gmail.com

1st step was your basic "proof of life" email....

wE hAvE yOUr Llama. dO NOT cALl ThE poLiCe. wAIT fOr fURthEr InSTRUctions


Then some basic life threatening had to happen, to show I'm not to be trifled with.


I had to find a way to fit in my Monty Python Killer Rabbit plush from ThinkGeek. (with big sharp pointy teeth)


Then I safely put the llama in jail and waited for her response.


Now see, her boyfriend worked in security, so he sent me a very threatening email, that he would track my IP and find me and bring me to justice. I knew it was all a bluff, I scoffed!

However, I decided that I wanted to get away from the dark turn it was taking and let the little llama escape. I left the jail door open one night and off he went, with a 'thank you for the adventure". We hugged, he was a good guy, I miss him.

Back to gmail to create another account. llama @gmail.com

Now he's out and trying to make his way home.

Where am I Mom? How do I get to you?




At that point, sadly - the mad scientists found him and did some experimenting. It didn't turn out well for France.


I found him roaming the streets and returned him to his cubicle early in the morning - again ... nobody there.

I wrote something on a little piece of paper and gave it to him - a necklace of sorts.

It said "I got llamanapped and all I got was this lousy sign".
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