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The GOP's Stake in Checking Presidential Excesses


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Aug 27, 2005
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As the Bush administration keeps grabbing for more power, the GOP is defending those unconstitutional grabs, even defending his willingness not to uphold the law as he took an oath to do, but to actually break the law. In doing so, the Republican party is not just selling out powers reserved for Congress and the American people, but are ceding power to whoever sits in the Oval Office in the future. If the GOP is successful in usurping power for President Bush, they will be powerless when a Democrat is the sitting president. And face it - Weren't the Democrats responsible for many Federal excesses when they were in power? You betcha. Even if you like the way Bush leads, do you want a Democrat in office with the same powers to wiretap Americans and shred the Constitution?

Just something to think about before it is too late. The article was written by Russ Feingold, and if you read his article closely, you will see that the Democrats are throwing down the gauntlet, and threatening to do the same as Bush is doing now. Face it. No political party has ever held power for more than a few decades at most, and most of the time much less. Is the Republican stranglehold on politics going to last as long as there is an America? Dont count on it, and if there is not a lightening up of this presidential power grab, the GOP will one day look back and rue the day they took this course of action. And so will the American people.

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