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The Glory Hole


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Dec 3, 2017
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I've never had the chance to experience this from either the giving or taking perspective. But the idea of having anonymous sex is strangely appealing. Perhaps because it is both exciting, scary & perverse.

The Glory Hole is also an equal opportunity phenomenon. Both men & women can participate though I've never seen a strictly female/female example, though I'm sure they exist.

Interestingly, I worked for a French company some years ago & got to go to Paris at least once a year. I made a pilgrimage to the Red Light district (Rue Ste. Denis) on each trip & got to enjoy the sex shops. I also enjoyed using the video booths but never encountered a Glory hole. I'm sure if my French were better I could have pursued it as I'm sure they exist. Same with Amsterdam. I paid to enter a theater where the sex act was displayed by real performers but it was not stimulating as they went through the motions mechanically. I'm certain that Glory Holes exist in that city but I never encountered one. Thinking back, I probably was not aware of Glory Holes back then & likely would have been undecided as to whether I would play the giving or receiving role.

This was during the advent of AIDS, which was very scary as they had yet to develop any effective anti-AIDS drugs, so catching it was a virtual death sentence.
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