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The Founding Father's and the Constitution


"The Constitution is just a peace of paper." - George W. Bush, United States President

You know...I agree with him. The Constitution is just a peace of paper. And paper can be folded, bent, torn, and burnt. Is the Constitution suppose to suffice as the shield of the people?

Many people believed that the Constitution was suppose to be a permanent record of the rights of the American citizen. It was. They also believed that the founding Fathers believed that this is the way the nation should be run. It was. But what they did not know is that the Founding Fathers knew this would not last. The system of Checks and Balances was made to slow down the process by which the good intentions of a good government would inevitably be reduced to tyranny. It is a historical example repeated over, and over, and over again. It always happens, sooner or later, in anything from which power and profit can be obtained. What begins as good and plausible will end as evil and abusive.

Many think that this has just started happening. It has been happening for a while but has been kept fairly hidden under various dillusions taught since school times. We are taught that Athens was this glowing gem in civilization. Athens was a speck surrounded by the titans of the Mid and Far East Asian Civilizations and the Southern Civilizations of Northern Africa. How arrogant to believe that reason "originated" with the Greeks. That's about as dumb as saying Columbus discovered America.

And, Oh, Athens was a place of magic where democracy made them the best nation in the land. They had the best government and because of it everything flourished. I'm surprised they didn't say Christianity originated here also. But Athens was far from perfect and the people hardly represented. Socrates makes a brief account of just how noble the governing system was with his little experiment in finding out if he, indeed, was the smartest man in the world. He also makes an example of this with his life. What kind of noble system forces a man like Socrates to drink Hemlock?

The Founding Fathers intended the Constitution to be clear and direct in wording as to what it described in it's words- spelling out the rights of the people and the process of the execution of federal power and government over and for those people. But in time....hey...the Constitution is flexible. Bring in the law clowns, everyone. Apparently you can bend it so much it makes great Origami paper for the kids. Now, like the Bible, you can get anything you want out of the Constitution. You just have to convince people that what is written means what you have interpreted it to me. Of course, this was the fad when the Constitution was still looked upon as something we had to refer to.

You must realize to people of power, the Constitution is an annoyance. It's like a device on your car that limits your speed to 55 when you want to go 70. You are constantly looking for ways around it. And when you find it you have to sneak and speed when no one's looking. If you get caught...give the cop some wordplay. If that doesn't work, pay the bastard off. But if you pay the judge off, you don't have to worry about the cops. If you pay the governor off, you don't have to worry about any judge. If you pay the lawmakers off, you don't have to worry about the laws.

So that's where you are. The Constitution is only relevant so long as it is enforced. When the people who are supposed to interpret and enforce the law find it within their interest not to, there is no law. Or it becomes the law as they see it. Sadly, the Constitution is a piece of paper, sympathetic magic easily manipulated.

But if history shows us correctly, the people always have one ace up their sleeve. But even then, it comes to naught. After the cracsh and smash of revolution the people will once again look to leaders. And even if they managed to avoid picking from the old group, the new group would simply restart the clock of corruption once again. One century...two centuries...tell us, Count Chocula. How many years does it take for a good nation to go bad? Let's find out.
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