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The First Wave Continues in America, Because of trump's Failure


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Sep 13, 2020
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America was lucky compared to some countries at the beginning. Many countries are far more densely populated than the USA. East Asian countries, Australia, and New Zealand all did fantastic at first, but many European countries started out in very bad shape.

But they all ended their first wave, whereas the American first wave continues. America just blew past Italy in deaths per capita. Previously, America had blown by France, Sweden, and almost everywhere else. Among major first world countries (the Vatican is so small, it cannot be compared) America is only doing better than the UK, Spain, and Belgium.

By election day, trump's America will have more deaths per capita than the UK and Spain. There is a chance that trump may still have a lower rate than Belgium. Even if trump is lower than Belgium on election day, he will probably be higher than them on inauguration day.
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