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The first message.

Interestingly, in this form of someone reading blogs? :) I'll try to write here a while. Of course, if my message can be understood through an electronic translator.

Since the write long messages through an interpreter is difficult, I will often post pictures than text. But, of course, with descriptions.

Yesterday morning I took my daughter to a chess tournament for beginners. She has been playing chess last year. But after she went to school, time was not enough. Almost a year has not practiced. So yesterday from 7 parties won only two. The worst result of all time :)

You should never allow it. She probably spends all her time studying and competing. She also must have developed a very unhealthy respect for her parents. Here, we call it child abuse.

Instead, she should be spending every available minute on Facebook gossiping with her friends, and texting about her shopping experience for lipstick and how retarded her parents are because they won't allow her to date a 21-year-old unemployed scumbag with tattoos.

Also, it is clear that she is less than 200 pounds, so, by our norms, she is severely undernourished. How cruel of you.

Other than that, welcome and say hi to Vladimir.
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