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The Fallacy of progress

Dec 4, 2005
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Hi i just thought i would provide everyone with examples of ancient artefacts that have been found accross the globe, these artefacts share some things in common they would need to be very skilfully created with certain advanced technology's, surely there is no one ignorant to believe Darwinism is factual, i think in fact we have been here before and had similar technological capabilities.

follow the link:


These were ancient civilisations perhaps like ours, they decided to put their faith into technology, thats why they are no more and there is the description of Nuclear explosions in Soddomh and Ghammoara follow:


Any thoughts on the theories presented??
Mickyjaystoned said:
Any thoughts on the theories presented??

They're absolutely ridiculous, as anyone with any scientific sense of skepticism can clearly see.
So do you want to elaborate or just hate?
Mickyjaystoned said:
So do you want to elaborate or just hate?

Nah, I don't need to say anything else. The websites you cited speak for themselves.
What would you say if i called you small minded and boring?
Mickyjaystoned said:
surely there is no one ignorant to believe Darwinism is factual,

Yeah, this statement pretty much invalidates any credibility you may have had.

You don't buy Evolution (which is supported by tens of thousands of people with Ph.D's), but you believe insane theories about ancient cultures having nuclear weapons?
Mickyjaystoned said:
What would you say if i called you small minded and boring?

I'd say that just because you might consider an idea "small-minded and boring" is no reason to reject it, if it has the preponderance of evidence behind it. You're willing to accept any idea, no matter how ridiculous, just because you find it less boring than the rational alternative.

Occam's Razor: All things being equal, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.
Look i don't care to boast i have all the answers, all i know is that in the great scheme of things i know absolutely **** all.

As do many others, the only differance between "conspiracy theorists" and you budding politicians is that "conspiracy theorists" accept they know nothing and go looking for the truth, this may lead many of them to see blatant contradictions in political structure and debate and generally disregard mainstream theories, however just because i do not swear blind allegiance to mainstream newscasts and Journalists money making articles does not mean i swear blind allegiance to underground newscasts and non profit journalist groups, quite the opposite i do not align myself with any so called facts.

The thing is i observe information for what it is, neither fact nor fiction, but merely opinion, however when there are artefacts that scientist have studied and have concluded were made billions of years ago by advanced technology i don't think i can accept the general belief in linear developement.

The fact that these artefacts exist, for me is a direct contradiction of Darwinism.

I am not willing to accept any idea thats why am questioning the theories we have all been given as doctrine from 3 years old, i do not align myself with any particular theory on evolution or existance therefore i see the wildest conspiracy theory as raw information, just as i do the daily headlines.

Thanx for the combative response it may have been more enjoyable for me to reply if i had nails being shoved into my eyes but i have none the less, i look forward to your next assault on my internet alias.

May Allah go with you all.
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