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The Environment That Fosters "Martyrs" (1 Viewer)


Sep 23, 2005
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I found this blog that touches on the topic of sucide bombers and what sort of environment they come from. Many of these sucide bombers are also preyed upon by terrorist groups, but I certainly do think the environment and class they are brought up in has a factor in whether they will become sucide bombers. I would also like to add, that Islam teaches against sucide bombing:

At the closing stages of the war, Iran was specifically criticized by the international community for its so-called Martyrs' Brigades, in which "dispensable" children would move in front of the combat troops, clearing minefields with their bodies and allowing Iranian troops to advance.

But because of the honor martyrs are given and the esteem in which they are held -- particularly amongst Iran's poor and more conservative religious populations -- the concept of actively seeking martyrdom has become an attractive option, especially amongst those who have little else to live for. The notions are reinforced by Iranian clergy.

"Martyrdom, for us, is our school, our ideology, our heart and our prayer," says Mullah Hassan Ali Ahangaran, a religious consultant to the Martyrs' Museum in downtown Tehran. "It allows the continuation of Islam. The blood of the martyr revitalizes our religion."

It's that kind of zeal, western observers worry, that helps to transform a natural respect for the dead into suicidal attacks on the living.

Their is also a quote I remember reading somewhere: "Never tangle with somebody who has nothing to lose."


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